A Few Questions to Help You Discover Your “Gifting Groove”

A Few Questions to Help You Discover Your “Gifting Groove”

A Few Questions to Help You Discover Your “Gifting Groove”

heartIf you had $1,000 to give to a woman anywhere, what woman or group would you give to? Where does she live? What are her needs? Why does she (or her group) pull your heartstrings?

When you release your mind and let your heart take the lead, you will learn so much about what fulfills you as a giver. And when you follow your inner compass for giving, your gifts will satisfy in an expanded way.

So, here are a few questions to help you discover your gifting ‘groove’

1. Do you like to develop relationships and personally connect with other women?  If this feels good to you, then you may want to give to someone you can meet locally or who you could connect with online, and they could live across the globe.

For example, I like the fair trade movement and the fact that I can often meet artisans online who make the items in a certain collection. Or read their stories about their lives.

2. Do you like to give one time gifts and then move on to another organization, or do you like to find one cause and commit mostly to that? I know someone who is deeply involved in the cause of stopping human trafficking, and she pours all her spare energy for giving into that. It satisfies her because she feels she can make a bigger difference by focusing on only one need.

If this sounds right for you, and you don’t want to be spread too thin, then listen to what cause grabs your heart most. If, on the other hand, you see yourself as a gifting ‘grazer’, you may have a list of causes that speak to your heart where you’d like to give. That’s me – a bleeding heart for hunger, children, clean water, education, etc.

3. Do you want to make a specific impact with your skills and talent? Would you like to get involved at a grassroots level with a new organization that needs help? Whether you give money or would prefer to invest your time (or both!) is an important conversation to have with yourself.

Feeling the urge to DO something for a cause, you may want to jump in with both feet. For example, a growing organization in my town serves girls at risk, and I know numerous women getting involved. I care about this group, but my heart is pulled elsewhere. So, imagine yourself giving your time and talent to the organization that speaks to you, and then to the level you care to serve. Giving works best when it’s aligned with your available time, talent, and resources, as well as your enthusiasm!

So, what kind of a giver are you? Test it out by giving a gift that aligns with your answers from above. And let’s continue the conversation below.



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