How to Change a Lonely Christmas to a Heartwarming and Joyful One

How to Change a Lonely Christmas to a Heartwarming and Joyful One

It was going to be a different Christmas, because my two children were going to visit their Dad in Montana. That meant I was going to be alone. No kids. That rocked me for a month or so. I moaned and groaned. Luckily my world shifted when I decided to focus on other ways my holiday could be memorable, all season long.

kettle-salvationGift One: Since Christmas is about giving, I decided to put something in the Salvation Army bucket every time I passed one. In the weeks before Christmas, my kids and I got in the spirit, and as we dropped money in the pot, we shared a smile and greeting with the bell ringer. Also, we had a little feeling of something more as we entered the stores. And it helped me realize how little I gave compared to how much I bought. As the weeks progressed, I dropped more and more in the little red pots.

Lesson learned – through conscious awareness I became more generous.

lettersGift Two: I believe connections with people are one of my greatest gifts in life. So I did the old fashioned thing, and I wrote Christmas cards to friends and family far away. Each card had a hand written note, and I closed each envelope with a blessing and love for the holiday.

Lesson learned – giving and receiving are tightly woven together in the strands of life. Without these lovely people to remember with each card, I would not have had the flood of happy memories from my past. Those memories expanded me and made me feel very rich this December.

myselfGift Three: I had much time to reflect over the quiet days of Christmas. And I came to a new understanding about myself. Despite the times I have messed up in my life, and there are many, and despite my failures and disappointments, I am a gift. As simple as that, I really settled into this divine truth. I am a gift. I can make powerful change happen in this world because of the gift my life. I am precious. I have been given life to enjoy, to live fully and happily.

Lesson learned – when I see myself as the gift, I value myself so much more. It is not arrogant or cocky. It just is. As it is for you. You are a gift, too. And when we all accept this one thing about ourselves, we begin to change the world.

So, this Christmas, I am grateful for my three gifts. What about you? What three gifts do you hold most dear this holiday season? I would love to hear.

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