How to Discover Your Talents and Skills for Giving

How to Discover Your Talents and Skills for Giving

How to Discover Your Talents and Skills for Giving

hand-flowerWe have talked a lot about the different ways we can gift something we have to someone else who could benefit. Remember? We can gift our time or our talent. We can gift physical things, as in items that help someone (canned goods, coats, used digital devices).  And we can gift money, another great way to help someone else or show we care. The hardest item on this list for women is usually ‘talent’. Women say they don’t know what their talents really are.

Now funny enough, friends, family, or even business colleagues can tell us what our talents are, but we demure. Why is that? It can be uncomfortable for a woman to say what she is really good at. Women have been taught messages like, ‘if you talk about yourself and what you’re good at, you’re bragging.  That, of course, is negative. Since we all have talents, to acknowledge our gifts of talent is a wonderful thing. Furthermore, once we acknowledge our talents, we are more likely to share them with the world! And once we see how our talents help others, that silly idea around bragging is gone in a flash.

To help you figure out your special talents, here’s a simple definition. Talent is “special natural ability or aptitude, as in a talent for drawing.” It’s something that comes naturally to you. On the other hand, a skill is something that ‘comes from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc. to do something well’. Skills are also things we cultivate over our lives and gift to others. It’s nice to think that what we have worked on over many years of practice and hard work can serve other women in an even bigger way. That’s meaningful, and it’s satisfying to look across the spectrum of your life and pluck out your talent or skill gifts and use them as a point of connection and service.

So, I invite you now to write down what you feel you are naturally good at. These are the things you look most forward to doing. As an example, I have always been a connector type, am naturally good at communicating with people and am naturally good at learning languages. It’s a talent I have. I’m not naturally talented at singing, however, and when someone says ‘karaoke’, I cringe!

Now, what are your skills? What have you studied, practiced, focused on, or cultivated through practice and effort? Write down 10 skills you have, just as they pop into your mind. I promise you, you have many talents and skills. If you can’t think of them, call a friend. She or he will definitely be able to help you create your list. Those who know us can so easily see things we don’t acknowledge.

Please create your list – 5 talents, 5 skills. And if that’s easy, write down five more of each. Now review your list and imagine what it would be like to gift these beautiful parts of who you uniquely are to someone else. That is part of what The Gifting Mosaic is about. Stay tuned over the next few months for more information.

How was this exercise? Did it get you to think? Did you need help? Do you feel empowered by all that you bring to the lives of others? Please share below.

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