How to Give Your Talents and Grow Your Connections with Women Everywhere

How to Give Your Talents and Grow Your Connections with Women Everywhere

How to Give Your Talents and Grow Your Connections with Women Everywhere

When was the last time you ‘gave away’ one of your skills or talents to help another woman? Do you remember how good it felt to make someone else happy in this way? Or lift her up because of something you did well?

What are your gifts or talents?

Well, your innate gifts or talents are what you are not only good at but that you actually enjoy doing. You know what I mean. When you are expressing or sharing one of your talents, you are filled with confidence and joy. And I bet if you are doing something you’re not naturally good at, or at least practiced in, you’re not happy. Our talents are a way for us to BE who we are! And when we lead with these gifts, we may even discover others, dormant inside and waiting.

To help you in discovering your gifts, think about this:

* It comes to you easily. Or you learn it easily. For me, that’s learning languages.

* It gives you strength when you do it. For me, that’s when I help someone discover something new about herself.

* It comes naturally to you. For me, it’s when I am teaching someone something.

* It brings joy to you and others. For me, it’s when I am around children.

* You look forward to doing it. For me, I love connecting with people through letters or email.

* You feel like you’re in your groove when you do it. For me, that’s traveling and meeting people in different places.

* Time is lost when you’re doing it. For me, that’s when I’m cooking for guests.

* Once a talent has been shared, you have immense fulfillment. For me, that’s after I have coached a client.

* You look forward to sharing your talent again. For me, that’s all of the above!

And now, do this little process and notice what happens:

* Write down a list of your gifts and talents, at least 10 things you really do well. Yes, you have ten or more…

* Celebrate that list! This is something special you have to give. Really celebrate your own unique collection of special abilities.

* Imagine the feeling of confidence that expressing your talents brings you.

* Ask yourself who you know, or don’t know but could connect with, to share a talent gift.

* Make a plan to GIFT (serve, give away, help) your talent and uplift another woman.

* :-) Do it!

A talent given away is not only a gift to someone else but a beautiful, intangible gift to yourself. You grow. She grows. And the connection you feel has a ripple effect – more gifts, more connections.

What talents have you given to another? How did you feel? In what ways can we use The Gifting Mosaic to exchange our gifts and connect women globally even more? Please share below.

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