Is Your Free Time Really Fun?

Is Your Free Time Really Fun?

Is Your Free Time Really Fun?

It’s summer, and I am spending mine here in the middle of Montana, where I live. Families are dashing out for a weekend

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of camping and fishing, floating kayaks down the Missouri River, going to the Montana State Fair and eating the biggest, greasiest fried foods on the planet. I’m sure. Where else could you get Fried Pickles or Fried Oreo Cookies?!

I was thinking about what it means to ‘have fun and play’ as I watched people wandering around the fair. Were they really living in the moment and enjoying themselves? Were they exactly where they wanted to be?

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Or were they thinking about their other responsibilities,

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their work, or their problems? My point here is that, even as we go off to have fun, are we choosing the fun we have, or in some way is it choosing us simply because it’s there? Of course I was thinking all these things because I am a Life Coach and people are my business! I, for example, was accommodating my husband at the fair the other evening by going to a country music concert, Sara Evans. Although I made something of our time together, I secretly wanted to be home watching the Olympics instead with my free evening. My soul would have resonated much more with the ‘music’ of swimmers or beach volleyball athletes or the gymnast soaring off a pommel horse. I would have felt much more energy, hope, joy, and even love from that than the music of the country band. Yet, my husband was in heaven, bouncing and jiving with every note.

So I wanted to share this with you right now to ask you how conscious you are of what you do with your play time, your down time, this summer. Are you choosing to do what you like and maximizing the special moments that enrich your days most? Are you able to share with others you love and still be uplifted through your own interests? When we make time for ourselves and practice what is our nature even in our free time, we are in harmony with our spirit. And so, as you arrive back on the job after a day or weekend has passed, have you fed your creative soul, your playful spirit, and let your true self shine just a bit brighter?

Take time to practice and spend a few extra minutes doing what you love best today and feel the difference!

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