Meet Pattie

I am a passionate teacher, dynamic speaker, and committed coach who guides women and entrepreneurs across the gap from their current reality to the life of their dreams. I help others find their purpose and then apply it authentically and powerfully through their businesses, homes, and beyond. When we tap into our source of unique power, everything life has to offer becomes available to us to grow ourselves and give to the world.

I have made the most of my international MBA in the entrepreneurial environment, where I have helped companies develop new products and services and open new markets. I cultivated relationships, worked in conflict management, and navigated multi-cultural and multi-lingual settings. My international speaking experience includes large and small audiences. And I have sincerely loved working with young people as a French teacher. Now, I have the privilege as a high energy, co-creative business and life coach to guide people through the process of change to embrace the brilliant new possibilities that it brings.

On a more personal note, I am very interested in the fair trade and sustainable living movements, as well as the trend towards living to ‘make a difference’. I can help you connect with women around the world who fit with your ‘make a difference’ mindset. I have spent years as a teacher, coach, mentor, and business owner, and as you may expect, I have been taught some invaluable, albeit painful life lessons along the way. And today, I am confident and inspired to lead you into a full spectrum, vibrant life, where you are living your essence and giving to the world in just the way you choose.

Believe and you will see. So, I invite you to take that next step with me…onward!