Coaching Programs

I offer both group and individual coaching, so you may choose your best studio to grow and develop your vision. Group coaching allows you to benefit from the colorful contributions of each unique person in your group. Individual coaching has its power in the laser focus approach. It’s all about you.


Group Coaching

CoachingThe collective mind can accomplish great things. When you gain access to the minds of others, you benefit from everyone’s colorful spectrum of experiences, not to mention their commitment and support. You will tap into the group’s energy, commitment, ideas, and excitement. You will find yourselves challenged to rise to the level of what the group believes you can achieve. You will gain newfound confidence as you believe in others’ belief in you.

Group Coaching is often by teleseminar , so you are at home or in your office as you listen. Pattie is the facilitator, and the content is decided by the participants. You share, receive feedback, brainstorm new possibilities together, and stay focused on personal growth and results.

Group Coaching for entrepreneurs or organizations may mean bringing a core group of your leaders together to brainstorm and move forward together with newfound energy, cohesiveness, depth, and purpose. You decide what you need, and following some evaluative exercises, we move ahead.

One-on-One Coaching

Imagine what you can achieve when you have the following to count on:

• Ongoing, meaningful support
• A crafted – for – you plan of action
• Feedback as take critical steps forward
• An accountability partner

I have a select number of spots available each month for Private Coaching. This personal focused time with me may quickly move you through your business conundrum or your paradigms that are blocking your freedom and success. So, call in your coach. You’ll be amazed at what you can sail through in a short time.

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