I speak to empower business owners and individuals to discover their truest, clearest voice. By telling tales as metaphors and lessons for life, I not only take people on journeys into their own lives but also provide windows to the world of all people and the similarities of the human heart. Woven together, audiences are ignited with courage and inspiration to not only build their dreams but also deliver their message and gifts into the world.

In addition, you will find my talks lively yet meaningful, sometimes practical yet insightful, and always with something left behind in you to ponder and apply as you move forward with your dreams.

I am available to speak to businesses, associations, women’s events, annual meetings, etc. wherever you are in the world. I am happy to tailor my speeches to the optimal length for your group and to the aspects that are most relevant to your individual or group needs.

Some signature topics to consider are the following:

• Change your thoughts to change your life
• Creating a heart centered business with a ‘give back’ edge
• Finding and following your greatest dream
• Moving from habits to freedom
• Grounding your self image to fly in life
• Going global with your message

To engage Pattie for your event, please contact (717) 691 6757.