Summer Musings… What Do You Do When You Walk?

Summer Musings… What Do You Do When You Walk?

Summer Musings…  What Do You Do When You Walk?

This might sound like a rather odd question, but I would like to ask you what you do when you take a walk? You might be wondering what I mean about this. Is

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this a question about multi-tasking, you might ask? And isn’t taking a walk just taking a walk for goodness sake?

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Well, you know, I think the way people walk tells some interesting things about them. And it may give you pause as you reflect on this for your own self. So, do you walk fast? Are you on a mission for exercise, or would you rather take it slow and observe the world around you? Do you like to walk alone and

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think your own thoughts? Do you go for a walk to clear your head and find solutions? Is it when you are most creative? Or would you prefer to walk with a companion and share time together? Some people prefer to tune out the world and tune into ipod tunes instead!

I think I am a Type A personality, because my walking is with purpose. And I always walk fast. My friends say ‘slow down’, and I say, “That just isn’t me!” But more than that, I feel like my body is flowing, and my mind, as I move and breathe more vigorously. I invariably have discoveries and new ideas, even if I am not anticipating them when I set out. I create lists and remember important things that have been buried in the clutter of min mind. I get flashes of people and places to send healing or positive thoughts to. It is as if my mind is flying deep within me and tapping into that powerful, almost unbelievable universal mind space, that is so hard to find when I sit and meditate at home.

So, what do you do when you walk, and how does it serve you? The other day a life coaching friend of mine told me about her walking ritual. She chooses a word that pops into her head as she wakes up in the morning and focuses on that word for her entire 10K walk. She thinks how the word feels and she defines it in her mind. Stories surface related to the word, and she revisits them. By the end of her walk she has meditated on the word and pushed out other thoughts so her chosen word stays center stage

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in her mind. She’s done her mind play with words like ‘trust’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘wisdom’, ‘happiness’, ‘faith’, ‘kindness’, and many others.

Today, when you set out to walk or run, I invite you also to put your whole self into it, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s just feeling your body

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and its amazing movement, bonding with a friend, or developing a grand new dream, take that step and touch that place of power within you. Breathe deeply no matter what – it is great to be alive!

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