Three Keys to Finding Your Real Goals for 2013

Three Keys to Finding Your Real Goals for 2013

Of all the holidays celebrated the world over, I think there is only one common global holiday — New Year’s Day. It’s not religious or cultural, not historical or military, not motherly or fatherly or for

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the children. It simply marks the occasion of 365 more days, counting again from day one. Yet, it’s magical, and the entire planet embarks on the new year at the same time, with fanfare, hope, and in the spirit of possibility.

After the celebration ends….resolution time?

People create and then proceed to break a ‘zillion’ resolutions, including ones about losing weight, saving more money, and being of greater service to others. With so much abundance, this is how we envision a better year ahead. Somewhere on the other side of the world (so to speak), perhaps in a meeker celebration, there could be concerns over having enough food or violence from morning until night.

Their resolutions, if they make them at all, might look quite different, such as wanting this new year to bring them safety while they sleep or fresh water nearby. If only resolutions could be made about things that really matter, like that.

Resolutions, or wishes as a new year begins, have to do with perspective. For those with many blessings, a resolution may look like a ‘nice extra’ in life, or ‘the icing on the cake’ at the beginning of a new year. Resolutions could even be perceived as easy, cheap and fun, tossed around like a quip among friends. And, they often aren’t taken too seriously either, are they?

So, image doing it differently this year. Take a stand for a real ‘life changer’?

I am going to ask you to think deeply on some truly meaningful thoughts. It’s not that your weight doesn’t matter, but what could you imagine, decide on, act on, and deliver inside these next amazing 12 months of your life? What if you could make some serious impact in your life or someone else’s by a decision you make now?

A few suggestions to get you started.

  • Ask yourself what you believe deeply in. Write down what comes to mind. Is there anything on your list that might be common to others? If so, think how you could build a community with similarly minded people and make some noise. By noise, I mean start to make a difference through your belief. You may feel strongly about how greyhound dogs are treated and want to save more of them. Or maybe you have a friend or family member with a physical condition that the world needs to be more aware of. You could work with others to create a fund raiser and awareness movement.
  • Ask yourself what you’re very good at. Record your thoughts. Now, take that list and imagine how you could take your gifts into your community in a new and different way. Who needs your services? Could you reach a new and needy audience by going virtual online?
  • Ask yourself if you have a specific hobby that might uplift or benefit others. Maybe you want to get into something new and teach others about it. Would it benefit their health, well being, or happiness? I have a friend, who I was having this particular conversation with over Christmas break. I asked her what she would really love to do when she’s not at her job. She surprised me by saying she wants to become a tai chi instructor and bring peace to people with stressful lives. Wow. I had no idea, and you know, neither did she until I posed the question and gave her the freedom to think into 2013 in a new way.

There are many more ideas we could all conjure up for making 2013 your best year ever. It’s not too late yet. As a matter of fact, there are still 358 days until the ball drops on 2014!

I’d love to hear from you. How can you see yourself creating a meaningful, rich, and lovely 2013? Imagine and begin to act soon….and we can change the world. No kidding.

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