Three Ways to Add Soul and Meaning to Gifts of Money

Three Ways to Add Soul and Meaning to Gifts of Money

Three Ways to Add Soul and Meaning to Gifts of Money

Many women have the great combination of big hearts and a big purse to go with it.  Are you one of those fortunate women? Or maybe you have a big heart and an average pocketbook. Even if you have a tiny little purse, and an average sized heart, gifting money to someone else just might change your life.

Because money is an easy way to give to others in need, we write checks. We send them off to organizations that solicit us for money, and we don’t want to say NO. However, from countless conversations I have had with women, I have found we want our money to feel like more than the funds behind the gift. But how do we go about adding that deeper piece to our ‘money gift’?

It’s becoming easier to give financially and feel really great about it at the same time. Many of us see the world truly as a global village and want to commit and connect much more.

So, There are three ways to infuse your gift with a piece of your soul and feel connection, too.

1. Buy gifts for your friends or family that give back to the women who produced them. These gifts include the cooperative where the women work and often include the name or even photo of the woman who made your special item. It might include a tag signed by her, too.

In this way, you give a real monetary gift to the creator of the item – her livelihood is fed by your purchase. Examples of organizations with wonderful connections to women and their crafts are Global Goods Partners, Ten Thousand Villages, Women’s Peace Collection, Global Mamas, and many more.

2. Loan your money to a person through KIVA. This non-profit organization’s mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty and help people help themselves. It’s monetary based, but it’s a loan for someone to create a business, buy a cow or purchase farm supplies, dig a well, etc.

You choose a borrower. You make a loan. You get repaid. If desired, because you felt good and could watch the project in action, you repeat. For more information, go to Watch the video, and for $25 you can make your first loan.

3. Join a group like and gift financially, as this organization says, ‘changing the world, one dinner at a time’. Chapters meet often and share a meal together. They connect and enjoy common interests, and they raise funds for the featured program of the month. The topics improve the lives of women and their families and cover topics such as grass roots programs in education, healthcare, sustainability and leadership.

The clever core of this program is that women eat together in someone’s home and the money they would have spent to go out to eat is then donated to Dining For Women’s cause of the month. For more information go to  Maybe there’s a group already in your town, or consider starting one!

These are just a sampling of the many creative ways you can gift money and connect your heart in meaningful ways to women around the world, and also near home.

Have these ideas for gifting money inspired you? What other ways have you given money that was creative and meaningful? Let’s develop the conversation. Please share below.

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